Coon Rock Farm Meat


All of our animals are pastured raised without antibiotics or hormones, ever. They live outside, under the sun, and have all natural diets that are supplemented by the things they forage.

We raise chickens for eggs and for meat. Our egg layers are mostly Rhode Island Reds or other heritage breeds that wander freely around the farm. These hens produce eggs with very dark yellow yolks that are simply the best you have ever tasted. Our meat birds are the Label Rouge chickens that are so highly prized in fine French cooking. These chickens are nothing like your average grocery store (factory) chicken. They live about 12 weeks versus just 6 weeks for factory chickens and are out on pasture where they get 30% of their diet from foraging. These chickens have far more flavor and much better texture than factory chickens and live a much better life.

Our lamb and beef is raised on 100% grass. We practice Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) which means we break our pastures into small areas that are eaten down in just a few of days and then move the sheep to fresh new grass several times a week. We never feed our sheep or cows grain because it is not part of their natural diet and makes them sick and increases the acidity of their rumen which increases the risk of e-coli poisoning in humans. It also means that our meat just tastes better.

Our pork is also from heritage breed pigs (Mangalitsa and Berkshire) that all live outside on pasture or in the woods where they forage for a good portion of their diet. We supplement their diet with local grains and with old vegetables from the gardens. Pigs raised this way are free to range around and do what pigs do best which is grub in the soil looking for tasty morsels like acorns or bugs.

You will never confuse these pigs with factory farming’s “the other white meat”. The meat from these pigs has real fat and real flavor that you can only get by living outside in nature. Once you have tasted this pork, raised the way it was raised for centuries before industrial farming took pigs out of nature and packed them into pig warehouses, you’ll never want factory pork again. Naturally raised pork is better tasting, better for your health and a much better way to live for the pigs.